About Us

Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort

Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort is an 8-hectare wellness and leisure hideaway located in Tamiao, Bantayan Island, North of Cebu province, Philippines. The resort started off as a family vacation haven. Over the years, the property expanded from 2 to 8 hectares. The 12 years of reforestation has brought back life to the surroundings. And due to insistent requests from relatives and friends, this paradise was eventually shared to the rest of the world.

The Nature Park showcases the local flora and fauna of the island and a mini-zoo. With its caves and secluded nooks, guests can spend a quiet time with nature, relax and listen to a cacophony of birds singing in the background.

The resort features a spring-fed cave pool. The Sto. Nino Cave is the biggest cave pool in the island!

It also has the biggest swimming pool – a 25m x 12.5m mini-olympic size main pool and a 15m x 5m kiddie or wading pool.

Just beside it is a deck with an incredible view of Tañon Strait. There is also an access to a wide expanse of white sand by the cliff side where guests can swim and even indulge in the rare pleasure of “manginhas” or shellfish picking.

We espouse responsible and sustainable tourism. The management exerts extra effort to maintain a low-impact on the environment. We are also committed to social responsibility by providing employment to the local community and educating them in sound environment practices in their livelihood.

In the midst of nature, development was kept to a minimum to have a low impact on the environment. This doesn’t mean though that one cannot enjoy the pleasure of modern-day living. The rooms and cottages were designed as climate-change adaptive structures and were carefully laid out with environmental engineering in mind. Using earth blocks, the ambience of a peaceful co-existence with nature is perfectly captured with the scent, look and feel of natural products used as building materials of the accommodations. All of our accommodations face eastward, affording you a stunning view of the sunrise. Watch the hues of dawn as it ushers in a new day!