Bantayan Land Tour

Land Tour (4 hours)

Land Tour is a 4-hour guided tour which takes you around the three towns of Bantayan Island – Madridejos, Bantayan and Sant Fe.


The first stop is Madridejos, where we take you to the old Spanish garrison, the Kota. Marvel at the walls built in 1790 that served as a lookout and refuge of the locals against marauding pirates. The spectacular view of the sunset is well known here, get the best seat in the house at the lantawan or the pier. This area is also called the Lawis, which means the farthest point of land.  Its rich fishing grounds straddle the Tanon Strait. Watch the fisherfolks go back and forth the sea with their fishing boats.  One might just get lucky to buy a fresh catch.


Next stop is Bantayan town where one can experience the cultural heritage of the island. It has one of the oldest church in the country, the St. Peter & Paul, originally built in 1580. The parish actually used to extend all the way to the provinces of Negros, Leyte and Samar.  To attend mass, the old folks will be spending days in the sea! Get good bargains on dried seafoods at the market or buy the freshest catch and cook it later at the resort.  Visit the Oboob Mangrove Park, a community-based ecotourism project, and learn a thing or two about the marine ecosystem.

Santa Fe.

The last stop will be the fine white beaches of Santa Fe.  Take a plunge, frolic in the sand, bathe in the sun, repeat! Sip a cool drink in the nearby bars and shop for souvenir items too.

This tour is inclusive of a guide and 1 x 500ml bottled water per person, you have an option to stop over for a meal – cost not included. The trip could either be done in the morning or afternoon.